Master Mohsin|ماسٹرمحسن

Assalam Alykum and Welcome from Mohsin Ahmed Khan Ghori.

ASSALAM ALYKUM and WELCOME from Mohsin Ahmed Khan Ghori السلام علیکم! آپ کو محسن احمد خان غوری کی طرف سے خوشامدید!

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Album 1, 14 Aug 2015 Program

Album 2, 12 Aug 2015 Program

Album 3, 50th Jashn-e-Diffae Pakistan

Album 4, Pictorial Visit of the College

Album 5

Album 6,Bain-Ul-Kulliyaat Addabi 28th-29th Oct.2015

Album 7

Album 8

Album 9

Album 10

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